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Jewelry Model, Design, Jewelry design, 3d design, jewelry, rapid prototyping machine, precious metal casting, gold casting, 3d CAD, 3d cad model, 3d modeling, CAD

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Market leader for loose diamond, perfect cut hearts arrows diamonds.

CAD & CAM - 3D Prototyping

123Proto is Rapid Prototyping, Jewelry Model, Design, Jewelry design, 3d design, jewelry, rapid prototyping machine, precious metal casting, gold casting, 3d CAD, 3d cad model, 3d modeling and CAD.

123Proto is a one-stop service bureau that provides the jewelry industry with CAD/CAM services such as 3d jewelry design, 3d printing, rapid prototyping and milling of hard copy models, laser-technology, precious metal casting, polishing and finishing services. We have the right solution for a jewellery designer with stringent industry requirements and we complete your project in time with efficiency and reliability.
Our High Speed Prototyping Machines along with our milling machinery and conventional equipment complete our one-stop shop service.

123Proto provides Design and Rapid Prototyping and model making services that are required by the jewelry industry:
  • Rapid prototyping for precision and premium quality castings from 3d CAD files
  • Tooling at low cost, allowing for easy modification
  • To reduce time to market
  • To evaluate potential markets
  • Prototyping for aesthetic application where appearance is critical
  • Finest resolution in the industry, up to 15 microns
  • Concept modeling
  • Direct manufacturing systems
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Rapid Prototyping

Because of the high cost of rapid prototyping equipment and the high level of technical expertise required to reliably produce perfect parts, the trend is to use specialized third-party service bureaus.

We offer reduced time and cost for designers and their clients with state-of-the-art technology. Our machines build wax models from computer files using thermoplastics that are perfect components for investment casting. See some of the machinery here.

Our systems reduce cost and time-to-market by translating CAD Designs into hard copy 3D models. These models are so accurate that designers can go beyond concept modeling to produce tooling grade patterns ready for casting or mold-making.

Jointly CAD/CAM allows the design of jewelry using a computer (CAD) and creates an exact hard copy model of a jewelry piece using a computer controlled manufacturing device (CAM). Our technicians utilize all file types compatible with any CAM device, which allows us to quickly generate a precise wax model ready for casting.

Stereolithography and these other hard model technologies are the future of the jewelry industry. Leading jewelers effectively use CAM "service bureaus" that specialize in prototype output for their jewelry model.

Our technicians have been in the jewelry business since 1983, operating in various branches of the industry. We are some of the finest jewelry manufacturers and jewelers in the industry. We even do precious metals casting.

With our fist-hand knowledge and experience throughout the jewelry manufacturing process from start to finish, we deliver quality.

Jewelry Model

Our design engineers are modeling in CAD/CAM software such as the latest generation of Rhino and Matrix. We are capable of producing any 3d design based on your ideas or 2d drawings. Computer-aided design (CAD) and computer aided modeling (CAM) is the use of computer technology to aid in the design and especially the drafting (technical drawing and engineering drawing) of a part or product. Current CAD/CAM software systems are capable to present 3D solid and surface models. 3d CAD software is being used to turn design ideas into 3d CAD models for production of wax models for the lost wax casting method. More information about our Model Design >>

Our Laser Service & Repair Department

The laser welder allows jewelers to do their jobs better. This technological advancement is becoming increasingly common in trade shops and manufacturing facilities. By using a sharply focused beam of light to produce very high heat in a small area, lasers allow jewelers to routinely accomplish tasks that would once have been either impossible or too time consuming to be worthwhile. More information about our Laser Department >>

Precious Metal Casting

We do as well Jewelry Casting in 10K, 14K, 18K (yellow, white, rose, green) gold casting and sterling silver, platinum castiong. All our work has a fast turnaround at competitive prices. Quality is our main concern. No piece leaves our service center without going through our rigerous quality control department. More information about our Casting >>

Our Jewelry Manufacturing Department

The services offered consist of:

  • CAD designing from a hand drawing or picture
  • Photorealistic Rendering for your approval
  • Rapid Prototyping at the finest resolution 0.019mm voxel
  • Non shrink RTV silicone molding for production
  • Vacuum Wax Injecting for accuracy
  • High Quality Casting in every metal
  • Quick 5 Hour Same Day Casting
  • Porosity free castings with the best alloys in the market
  • Magnetic tumbling
  • LASER welding and repair service
  • Mass finishing
  • Jewellery Polishing service
  • Diamond setting
  • Rhodium and gold plating service
  • Clear Urethane casting
  • Assembling
  • Fine tuning
  • Enamel work
  • 3d printing
Our Stone Setting Department

Our Stone setting department sets all major classes of precious and semi-precious stones. One section specializes in the setting of Diamonds in micro settings. More information about our Stone setting >>


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Design departments, Model Growing and Building Development.

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Our rapid prototyping department utilizes latest generation rapid prototyping machines and milling equipment by Envisiontec, Solidscape and Roland transalting jewelry design into hard copy models.

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