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Products & Services - CAD / CAM

Jewelry Design and Model Design Department

  • A jeweler’s idea or design, or his customers’ requirements will be computer-designed by our artists using Rhino 3D CAD software platform
  • The jeweler may as well choose from our deep database of CAD designs that is updated daily with latest models
  • Our exclusive cooperation agreement with allows us to draw upon a vast variety of jewelry model designs that have been designed by designers from all over the world.

Model Growing and Building Department

  • Our rapid prototyping department utilizes latest generation prototyping and milling equipment manufactured by Envisiontec, Solidscape and Roland. This reduces jeweler’s costs and time-to-market by translating CAD designs from jewelry design software into 3D casting patterns. Stereo-lithography is the most accurate of all prototyping technologies for a jewelry model.
  • Our machines produce jewelry models of the most intricate and complex designs with the assurance of results that are geometrically perfect. Undercuts, overhangs and cavities present no difficulty because of the technology that we use. We create realistic prototypes from your CAD files. Using the finest resins and highest possible resolution, 123Proto delivers excellent prototypes at a fraction of the cost.
  • For specific jobs we use our state of the art milling equipment with which we can produce wax models and metal molds.


Computer-aided design (CAD) such as the software called Rhino and computer aided modeling (CAM) is the use of computer technology to aid in the jewelry design and especially the drafting (technical drawing and engineering drawing) of a part or product. Current CAD/CAM software systems are capable to present 3D solid and surface models. Modern CAD/CAM packages can also frequently allow rotations in three dimensions, allowing viewing of a designed object from any desired angle, even from the inside looking out.

CAD/CAM is used in the design of complex creations of jewelry as well as in simple patterns. in the jewelry industry.

CAD/CAM has become an especially important technology within the scope of computer-aided technologies, with benefits such as lower product development costs and a greatly shortened design cycle. CAD/CAM enables designers to lay out and develop work on screen, print it out and save it for future editing, saving time on their drawings.

Our design engineers are modeling in CAD/CAM software such as the latest generation of Rhino and Matrix.

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Computer-aided technologies is a broad term describing the use of computer technology to aid in the design, analysis, and manufacture of products.

Advanced Computer-aided technologies tools merge many different aspects of the product lifecycle management (PLM), including design, analysis using finite element analysis (FEA), manufacturing, production planning, product testing using virtual lab models and visualization, product documentation, product support, etc. Computer-aided technologies encompasses a broad range of tools, both those commercially available and those which are proprietary to the engineering firm.

The term CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing) is also often used in the context of a software tool covering a number of engineering functions.

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Design departments, Model Growing and Building Development.

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Our rapid prototyping department utilizes latest generation prototyping and milling equipment manufactured by Envisiontec, Solidscape and Roland.

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