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prototyping, Jewellery model, model design, rapid, Jewellery industry, 3d, laser, polishing, milling, model making, casting, CAD, CAM
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prototyping, Jewellery model, model design, rapid, Jewellery industry, 3d, laser, polishing, milling, model making, casting, CAD, CAM

Custom Jewellery Design


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Our service bureau:

Jewellery (also spelled jewellery) is a personal ornament, such as a necklace, ring, or bracelet that is made from gemstones, precious metals or other materials.

The word Jewellery comes from the word jewel It was anglicised from the Old French "jouel" circa the 13th century. Further tracing leads back to the Latin word "jocale", meaning plaything. Jewellery is one of the oldest forms of body adornment; recently found 100,000 year-old beads made from Nassarius shells are understood to be the oldest known Jewellery.

During earlier times Jewellery was created only for practical uses such as wealth storage and pinning clothes together. Recently it has been used almost solely for decoration. The initial pieces of Jewellery were made from natural resources, such as bone, animal teeth, shell, wood and carved stone. Jewellery was often made for people of importance to show their rank and in many cases they were buried with it.

Jewellery has been made to adorn nearly every body part, from hairpins to toe rings and many types of trinkets. While high quality is made with gemstones and precious metals, there is also an increasing demand for art Jewellery where design and creativity is prized above material value. Furthermore, there is the less-costly costume Jewellery, made from less-valuable materials and mass-produced. New variations include wire figures (wrap) Jewellery, using anything from metal wire with rock tumbled stone to precious metals and precious gemstones.

Model making:

We offer reduced time and cost for Jewellery designers and their clients with state-of-the-art equipment. Our machines build wax models from computer files using thermoplastics that are perfect materials for investment casting. See some of the machinery here >>

In the past Jewellery design was greatly ifluenced by difficult dsicussions between the customer and the jeweler. The only option for executing a Jewellery design model was looking through a stock Jewellery design catalogue. Whenever the customer had an idea which was not finished in the finished piece of Jewellery the sale became very difficult.

With the aid of computer aided design (cad) model making has taken a wonderful new direction. With us Jewellery stores and Jewellery customers can actually see their idea before the creation stage. Other vital benefits to cad Jewellery design are accuracy and the loswer price. Your Jewellery design can now be manufactured by us with incredible symmetry because the wax model is created using our in house rapid prototyping machines.

The finished Jewellery pieces is what counts and that is what the jeweler wants to be able to bring to it's client. Whenever a client is interested in a special design, the jeweler needs to rapidly show the client a representastion of the Jewellery design and tha is best achieved with a prototyped mode, which is achieved from a rapid prototyping machine.

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CAM /CAD Jewellery specialists to help you!

Design departments, Model Growing and Building Development.

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Our rapid prototyping department utilizes latest generation prototyping and milling equipment manufactured by Envisiontec, Solidscape and Roland.

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